Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Pulsating Electromagnet Therapy - PEMF Heals and is Natural

 Last year my neurologist prescribed a Regenesis therapy machine to help me with back and neck pain, and nerve pain.  It is a prescription product.  You receive the kit in a case that includes the main pad.  There are pad covers that condense the electromagnet pulses to small and specific area.  Using it daily did help manage pain.  But the pad is small and hard and not comfortable on back and neck because I am "bony" and it felt hard.

When I started acupuncture and massage in October, both of the therapists praised the effectiveness of pulsating electromagnetic therapy, and told me about the products they used themselves.  One of the recommendations was the OmniPEMF head band.  You can work together with your brain using this.  It has settings that have different frequencies for pain management, relaxation, improving sleep, energy, meditation.  The first set I purchased didn't work properly, and they scheduled a ZOOM chat with me to make sure I was using it correctly.  When they saw there was a problem with the headband, they immediately replaced it for me.  I have been using it for all of the features at different times during the day, and before I go to bed at night.  I can "feel" it working.  I "feel" the neural activity in my body.  It has helped improve my sleep, and I use it daily.

It seemed to be more advanced than the Provant, and it is newer than Provant so probably has more advanced features

And since it does seem more advanced, an option to use different frequencies for different parts of body, mind and spirit, I decided to also get a different body pad.  I found a softer and larger pad on EBAY and purchased one, also.   This can be used not only for humans, but also for pets because of the size of the pad.  It is much more comfortable than the Provant pad.  It also has the options to choose the frequencies that are best for you.  And it plugs into an electrical outlet, which makes it easier to use in different areas, and take with me when I travel.   I really "feel" the pulsing, and know it works well because it helps with pain, and is improving my damaged nerves.  It can be purchased on EBAY.

Pulsating electromagnet therapy is natural health and healing.  Natural magnetic fields are the ones emitted by the planet Earth's core, as well as those manmade that are created to resemble these natural fields.  And there are no side effects, like prescription medication has.  So if you are looking for a natural and helpful pain treatment, for body and nerves, pulsating electromagnetic therapy may be as helpful for you as it is for me.

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