Friday, April 6, 2018

Dogs for Health and Happiness

I have never owned a dog, but I love dogs.  When I am on my sunset mindful walk, if I pass someone with a dog, the dog always tries to get close to me.  If the the dog owner lets me play with it for awhile, I sure do feel happy.

Dogs improve health and happiness in people because when we play with them, or they come up to us when we need a little love in our lives, the enjoyment raises our serotonin levels.  And serotonin helps with depression, body illness and pain because low serotonin levels are what cause some of these problems. 

That's a reason why there are service dogs, dogs that people keep with them for their health and wellness.  Dogs can make your life more happy.

Dogs can improve serotonin levels to make your feel more happy and healthy

And 2018 is the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dog.

Because I can't own a dog, I play with my jade Dog pendant, and touching it, feeling the carving, makes me feel happier, better. 

Jade Dog

Some people may be allergic to dogs, or dogs are not allowed to live in certain areas, or just don't like dogs.  If that's you, find something that does make you happy, and spend time with that happiness every day.

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