Sunday, March 27, 2016


I've been reading "How to Practice" by Dalai Lama the past few weeks.  I read a little, let it sink in, then meditate.  I've been meditating for at least 20 years, but meditation is a never-ending practice.  You are never "there", completely enlightened.   If YOU are, I would like to hear about your experience.

The last few paragraphs I read were about moving on to the next life after this life.  For me, that practice not only prepares for the end of this life, but helps build the Karma for the next life.  I can't articulate my thoughts about it, but that's where I am with "How to Practice".

These past few days in central Florida have had unusual weather.  On Thursday there was a strong storm and a tornado warning for our area.  I could actually feel the change in atmosphere as it was over us, and then when it left.

Then yesterday, the day before Easter, we were eating an early dinner and I saw another storm approaching. We made it home just as the rain started, which was very lucky for us.  It was forecast as a "storm" but nothing special about it.  It turned into the worst storm we have had in this area for year, maybe never.  The winds were almost tornado strength and it hailed for 40 minutes.  The hail started small and then was larger than a golf ball.  We made it home just as the rain started, which was very lucky for us.  And it was frightening.  The hail cracked our skylights, water came in.  It dented and made holes throughout the siding all the way around our home.  Roof damage, gutters collapsed from the weight of the hail, and the hail piled up 3-4 inches here in central Florida.

The hail shredded all the trees and plants in the neighborhood.  Orange trees became bare, shredded foliage everywhere.  Today we cleaned up, and I took care of the plants, trimming the ones that were still alive.  Some were extremely large plants, totally shredded.  I cut the outer stems and worked toward the center of the plant.  In the center of every one was at least one sprout undamaged and ready to bloom.  Florida summer is so hot and humid, plants grow fast, and I am guessing in two months they will be beautiful again.

And that reminded me of what I had been reading in "How to Practice", for reaching the end of our present existence.  In nature, there is often rebirth.  I loved and cared for those plants.  If we love and care for ourselves and others,, follow the teachings of our spiritual belief system, there is rebirth.