Thursday, March 30, 2017

Do You Have Pain When Driving, or Riding in a Vehicle? Here's Help

Do you have pain when you drive your car, or when you are a passenger?  Driving Wedges can help you be more comfortable, reduce pain and prevent further damage.

These were designed by a massage therapist I know, and offer these benefits:

 MADE IN THE USA - Patent-pending, revolutionary new system of wedges that helps to keep hips aligned while driving, improves driver comfort tremendously. Driving Wedges improve passenger comfort as well!
  • INCREASE COMFORT! Whether you are going for a short drive or spending days on the road, Driving Wedges offer much greater comfort for your trip. Feel the instant relief and the long-term benefits!
  • COMPLETELY UNIQUE new product provides immediate comfort and relief by offering needed support for the legs and hips. Tuck a wedge under each leg, adjust the strap that rests on top of your thighs, and feel the difference!
  • REDUCE TENSION - use of the Driving Wedges provides a light myofascial release along the outside of the thighs, which can reduce tension and alleviate pain in the hips, knees, and lower back.
  • USE ANYWHERE YOU SIT! - while originally created for driving, Driving Wedges can provide comfort and support almost anywhere you sit. If they can fit on the seat, they'll work! Office chairs, plane travel, couches, you name it! Make your sitting experience more comfortable and easier on your body.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Treat Restless Legs Naturally

Restless leg can be painful as well as annoying.  Here are natural methods to help treat restless legs.

Restless legs often start when you are sitting and trying to be "composed".  Then the legs start twitching,  you might start tapping your foot, wiggling your legs.  Or you're laying in bed, and the restless legs start. Sometimes you get out of bed, walk around, and then think that helped.  Or you move to another bed and move those legs forcefully to try to settle them.

Some people try putting a bar of soap at the end of the bed near their feet.  While the soap itself probably doesn't help, the placebo effect might.

Here are two more suggestions:
1.  When you feel your restless legs, lay flat on your back.  Slowly point your toes straight up, then pull your foot, with your toes still pointed, back toward your head as far as you can.  You will feel a stretch in the back of your calf.  Hold it for 10 seconds, then relax the calf muscle. Take a deep, slow breath.   Repeat 10 more times, each time pulling the calf muscle as tight as possible, but without hurting yourself.

2. Use a Ying Yu Jade acupressure roller on your legs when you feel the restlessness starting.  Roll it slowly over each leg, including thighs, calves and both sides of the foot.
You can follow the acupressure roller treatment with the muscle stretching in the above (#1) technique.

And then use the acupressure jade roller to finish.

Another technique that is helpful for restless leg is Yoga Nidra.  If you have a smartphone you can use an app that is helpful for learning because when your legs are restless, it can be difficult to focus.  The app with instructions helps you center the technique.

Ying Yu Jade Acupressure Roller with "Needles"