Friday, November 25, 2016

Tai Chi, Yoga, Feng Shui and a Messy Room

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I cooked a big dinner, had friends over.  It was late when everyone left, I was happy but my firbromyalgia was raging through my body.  We cleaned up before we went to bed so the feng shui atmosphere here at home felt better.

This morning I was very sore, and started my tai chi and yoga because even though it starts out painful, I feel much better when I complete my final "om". 

I start with a few yoga poses to warm up, then do some qigong,  tai chi form, and end with several yoga poses.  I was glad I cleaned up the area I use last night because I need all the space for the tai chi, including the kicks.  But as I started the tai chi, I noticed a drawer that wasn't closed completely, and knew it would take just a small push to close it while my hand was going by it doing tai chi.  But I didn't want to break my form.  Then when I was bending,  I noticed a ball of lint on the floor and wanted to pick it up as part of the form, but didn't want to break the good qi movement I had going.  And both those things were difficult to get out of my head, and it probably affected the qi / spiritual / energy benefits of the tai chi.  Then I did some yoga, put the mat away, and forgot about the drawer and the lint. 

I have been doing tai chi for at least 20 years, and fall into the good energy qi state of mind as soon as I start the first movements.  I didn't realize how balancing it was until I started becoming so aware of the "things" that were out of order in my space, the feng shui of the space.  And it's been several years since I realized that, and still have trouble "detaching" from the out-of-order things like drawers and lint. 

Most of us live in a busy, noisy world.  My "space' opens to a screened outdoor room and I like to let nature in and open the door even on very cool days.  Then I hear cars, lawn mowers, barking dogs.  I can detach from sounds, but not the room feng shui.

Sometimes I wonder what I can add to my tai chi form after doing the same thing for 20 years.  And by being mindful, I always find something.  Now, it's about the feng shui.  Even though I think everything in the space is in order,  I don't notice that it's not until tai chi. 
So I have to detach, yet stay mindful. 

Dao Bagua Yin Yang Jadeite Pendant - Root of Feng Shui

Monday, November 14, 2016

How to Stop Hating Someone: If Trump or Clinton Win, I'm Leaving the Country

Our nation has been through many emotions during the presidential election this year.
Postings on Facebook, news interviews, political debates brought out strong feelings, with hate being one of the strongest.  And the emotional turmoil will continue, with some people vowing to leave the country since Donald Trumps election to the presidency.

Protests in communities started after the election results were announced.  Most of these protests are started by hate mongers, which haven't resolved the problems of hate.

When you feel hate of being surrounded by haters, or have the hate feeling inside yourself, if you are honest with yourself, you probably don't feel well, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I woke up at 3 AM when the election results were announced, and could feel so much conflicting feeling and energy in the world.  My distress was very strong the morning of November 9, 2016.  I had strong feeling inside myself about what was going to happen to all of us not only in USA but throughout the world with a Donald Trump as president.  And I meditated.  It occurred to me that Donald Trump has been relatively successful in his life and if his behavior was what we saw during the pre-election period, he would not have become as successful as he is now.  He's also an actor who had a television show.

Now we Americans have to accept him as president, whether or not we voted for him.  If we were against him, how could we feel good about having President Trump lead our country?

Then I watched the meeting Mr. Trump had with President Obama.  I first noticed both of their body languages.  I expected to see President Obama "just getting through it" because Trump made statements so much against him.  But Obama's body language was open, accepting, and he was very peaceful, assertive and not aggressive.  And so was Mr. Trump in body language and his speech.  Looking back, I think President Obama's behavior has had a tremendous impact on Mr. Trump starting out his presidency.  If Obama had been scolding and finger pointing, Trump would have been defensive and accusing.  During that time together, Obama did what was best for the nation.

But how did he let go of the hate he probably felt toward Trump who accused him of birthing issues, threatened to cancel Obamacare as soon as he was in office?  Obama has probably learned that nothing positive can be accomplished when you are full of hate.  So you have to find a way to stop hating.

Consider: Is it the person you hate or is it the behavior of the person that you hate?

If you pray, and you pray for the person you hate, it sends good blessings their way and those good blessings come back to you to soothe your hate and help you feel better.

If you are an energy practitioner, you may spend time each day doing distance healing and sending Love and Light, energy around to people, places, things. If you practice qigong or tai chi, you know that energy is real when you feel that ball of qi energy you move around during practice.  Reiki practitioners send distance healing to those who need it.

Try this:  Pose yourself in a meditation so you will be comfortable for at least 20 minutes.  Feel the energy inside yourself, and feel it flow freely through yourself.  Focus on the person whose behavior you hate.  Without judgment, send Energy to the person.  Feel the Energy surround the person.  Move the energy around the person to inside the person.  Feel the Light envelope the person.  Never judge, just let it "be".   Do this practice daily for awhile. You will probably feel better after doing it several days.  You are opening your own heart, letting go of hate, taking some of that Hate out of the world.

Hate doesn't help you or anyone.  Hating someone is hurting yourself.

Peace and Light to you who need it.

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