Thursday, March 30, 2017

Do You Have Pain When Driving, or Riding in a Vehicle? Here's Help

Do you have pain when you drive your car, or when you are a passenger?  Driving Wedges can help you be more comfortable, reduce pain and prevent further damage.

These were designed by a massage therapist I know, and offer these benefits:

 MADE IN THE USA - Patent-pending, revolutionary new system of wedges that helps to keep hips aligned while driving, improves driver comfort tremendously. Driving Wedges improve passenger comfort as well!
  • INCREASE COMFORT! Whether you are going for a short drive or spending days on the road, Driving Wedges offer much greater comfort for your trip. Feel the instant relief and the long-term benefits!
  • COMPLETELY UNIQUE new product provides immediate comfort and relief by offering needed support for the legs and hips. Tuck a wedge under each leg, adjust the strap that rests on top of your thighs, and feel the difference!
  • REDUCE TENSION - use of the Driving Wedges provides a light myofascial release along the outside of the thighs, which can reduce tension and alleviate pain in the hips, knees, and lower back.
  • USE ANYWHERE YOU SIT! - while originally created for driving, Driving Wedges can provide comfort and support almost anywhere you sit. If they can fit on the seat, they'll work! Office chairs, plane travel, couches, you name it! Make your sitting experience more comfortable and easier on your body.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Treat Restless Legs Naturally

Restless leg can be painful as well as annoying.  Here are natural methods to help treat restless legs.

Restless legs often start when you are sitting and trying to be "composed".  Then the legs start twitching,  you might start tapping your foot, wiggling your legs.  Or you're laying in bed, and the restless legs start. Sometimes you get out of bed, walk around, and then think that helped.  Or you move to another bed and move those legs forcefully to try to settle them.

Some people try putting a bar of soap at the end of the bed near their feet.  While the soap itself probably doesn't help, the placebo effect might.

Here are two more suggestions:
1.  When you feel your restless legs, lay flat on your back.  Slowly point your toes straight up, then pull your foot, with your toes still pointed, back toward your head as far as you can.  You will feel a stretch in the back of your calf.  Hold it for 10 seconds, then relax the calf muscle. Take a deep, slow breath.   Repeat 10 more times, each time pulling the calf muscle as tight as possible, but without hurting yourself.

2. Use a Ying Yu Jade acupressure roller on your legs when you feel the restlessness starting.  Roll it slowly over each leg, including thighs, calves and both sides of the foot.
You can follow the acupressure roller treatment with the muscle stretching in the above (#1) technique.

And then use the acupressure jade roller to finish.

Another technique that is helpful for restless leg is Yoga Nidra.  If you have a smartphone you can use an app that is helpful for learning because when your legs are restless, it can be difficult to focus.  The app with instructions helps you center the technique.

Ying Yu Jade Acupressure Roller with "Needles"

Friday, January 20, 2017

What Kind of Jade Yoni Eggs or Ben Wa Balls Should I Buy? What About the Size of Jade Eggs?

What kind of jade yoni eggs, or jade benwa balls should I buy?   And what size should I buy and use are the questions I am asked almost daily.  With all the information online, it's very confusing to decide what kind of jade egg, or ben wa ball, to buy, and then what size.

Unfortunately there is not only a great deal of mis-information about the jade eggs, but also about the kind of jade egg.  But probably the most crucial question should be the size.

Recently a customer complained about the size of the medium jade egg she bought, upset because it was too small, and sent me a photo of her set of three jade eggs she had purchased from a commercial seller, showing the medium jade egg was the smallest.  I asked about the sizes of the other eggs, and they were quite large.  You might think getting the biggest jade yoni eggs for the price is a good deal, but it's important to understand about why the size of the jade eggs on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven are the sizes they are, 24mm, 30mm and 40mm.   I was going through menopause when I learned about jade eggs for vaginal health. While I was in Beijing, China, learning about Chinese medicine, I was also looking (desperately)  for treatment for fibromyalgia.  I went to a traditional Chinese medicine hospital and met a doctor who did an exam of my qi flow and prescribed me Chinese herbs that were cooked up for me in the pharmacy and sealed in plastic bags, one dose of the bag twice a day for two weeks.  When I returned from traveling around China with my qigong master and our group two weeks later, my hot flashes were gone and I felt very good.  (I thought maybe I was in love with China!)  He refilled my herbal medicine, then told me about jade eggs for kegel exercise and vaginal health.  He explained that the medium size jade egg is really the only one a woman needs to use.  The 30mm size fits most women and when they can hold it inside and do kegel exercise without it falling out, they will have healthy yoni energy.  He explained the set of three was for "vaginal kung fu", weight lifting that women learn to do if they are having specific problems, or working on more "yang" for their precious yin area.  The vaginal kung fu  is considered a specialty treatment, a martial arts practice.  He also cautioned me that if women use jade eggs larger than the 40mm, they run the risk of stretching their vagina, which is the opposite of what you want to accomplish.  And the result can be medically harmful, as well as causing your regular sexual intercourse to be unsatisfying because of the stretching too large. 

Here is a basic reason to use each size:

If your vagina is stretched out from childbirth, or other problems, you can start with the large egg for kegel exercise, and when you can keep it inside, move to the medium size.  If you really want a tight vagina with more sensual feeling, continue to the smallest size.

If you are post menopausal, or have a too tight and dry vagina, start with the smallest jade egg, because it may be uncomfortable trying to insert an egg.  You might have to try for a few minutes daily just to insert it.  When you are comfortable with the small jade yoni egg, and starting to get more moisture, move up to the medium egg.  And if you are "small" and your partner is "large" you move up to the largest 40mm jade egg.

There's a reason why jade yoni eggs are the sizes of  24mm, 30mm and 40mm.

And the jade ben wa balls are more Japanese culture, but they are also used by Chinese women.  Some women like the movement of them, wearing them inside for awhile while they do their regular activities.  And jade ben wa balls can be "fun", playing with your partner. 

The kind of jade the eggs should be made from is the traditional Chinese jade, nephrite, and a light green because light green is "yin", women are "yin", and the yin is energetically best for balancing.  The Chinese jade we use on Ying Yu Jade is the same kind of jade the health tools, like jade rollers, jade gua sha tools, jade pillows and "pointers" are made from.  The jade is pure and natural.  That's why they don't always look translucent and "perfect", because they are natural jade, not bleached out. 

There are of course other gemstones used to make the yoni eggs and ben wa balls, and we all have our preferences.  Ying Yu Jade focuses on Chinese medicine, so the jade yoni eggs and ben wa balls are the only stone we sell. 

Whatever you decide to use for yoni health, keep in mind why the size is so important.  You are using them for good yoni health and you don't want to damage yourself because you didn't know the importance of size.

Ying Yu Jade "Yoni" Eggs Set for Woman

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our "Happy Chemical" Serotonin and How to Raise it Naturally (and with jade!)

Yesterday I went to Honeybaked Ham store to pick up an order I made for New Year's Day dinner.  Traffic was amazingly light and I got there about 10 minutes before it opened. It was already 80+ degrees so I got out of the car and walked around the stores in the complex.  The only one open was a Starbucks two stores away from Honeybaked.  When I got back to Honeybaked, a small, furry white dog that was outside Starbucks with its owner started yipping and barking at me, wagging its tail like I was a long lost friend.  When it started howling, the woman brought it over to me, telling me the dog wanted me to pat it.  It was my pleasure, as it rolled around and panted, almost like it was humming or singing.  It didn't want to leave.

I was smiling.  I had white fur all over my gray jeans, and drool on my hands.

I love dogs, but can't have one.  I walk for at least 30 minutes right at sunset.  And I always hope to see dogs out walking too, and pat them.

Why do dogs make us feel so good?  Dogs are companions, sometimes assistant helpers, often get brought into hospitals, nursing homes to cheer up the patients.  Some people will not fly on a plane unless they have their medical assistance dog with them.

Earlier in the morning, I read an article in the newspaper about science proving that touch,  human or animal, causes our serotonin  levels to rise.  Serotonin is our "happy chemical".  Not only does it make us happy, but is essential in treating cardiac problems, including a study that shows higher serotonin levels improve heart valves, especially the mitral valve.  Doctors look for a way to raise serotonin levels, and all they need to do is hug, touch, or find a dog to pat for the patient.  Well, I don't know if science can cure prolapsed mitral valves that way, but they are experimenting with it.

Patting dogs, getting a hug, improve serotonin levels.  How does jade fit in here?

When you are wearing a jade bangle bracelet, you probably touch it during the day.  The bangle edges touch your skin, acupoints during the day.  When you touch your jade bangle bracelet, move it around on your wrist, you are getting pleasure, therefore raising your serotonin levels.  And getting acupressure on major points in your wrist.

Another reason to not only wear a jade bangle bracelet all the time, but also get the one that fits closest to your wrist.

NJ2363 small Chinese jade bangle bracelet

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy Holidays: Why Can't I Feel Happy? Why do I Feel Depressed About Holidays?

One of my Facebook friends posted yesterday that she took all her Christmas decorations out of storage, unpacked them all, then sat down in her living room and cried until she thought her heart would break.  But it's the holidays!  We're supposed to be happy!

This past year two family members died.  This would be her first Christmas season without them.

Last year she was hit by a car leaving her street and so injured she was in a nursing home for months. 

The year before that, her husband was killed while riding his motorcycle to work.

All of her holiday decorations had memories attached to them.  She needed to talk about her grief and loss.  But some of her friends told her to just forget about the past, have a good time, come to a party where there will be lots of alcohol and drugs to help her feel better. 

She's still sad today, and now she doesn't want to be social because of the response of her friends.

The older we get, the more loss we have to remember on holidays and special occasions. 

My father died on New Years Eve six years ago.  I have trouble being happy at New Year's Eve parties even though six years have passed.  And his birthday was around Thanksgiving, so when we had our family Thanksgiving dinners, I always brought his favorite chocolate cake for a birthday cake.  And I have always made a chocolate cake for Thanksgiving dinner, which I prepare for several friends. And when I serve dessert, instead of feeling like I'm honoring him, I feel sad.  This year was the first year I didn't make the cake, because one of my girlfriends offered to bring dessert.  She knows how that chocolate cake, which they all love, has such a sad effect on me. 

A few years ago, my husband and I noticed that people who grew up with, went to school with, their names were showing in obituaries in the hometown newspaper we read online. 

I used to call my mother every Sunday morning at 10 AM when she got home from church.  Now she is in assisted living, and when she first moved there, I called at 10AM on Sundays.  But I told her I was going to call her at different times and on different days.  That's my way of planning for the future when she's no longer here, so I won't be depressed on Sunday mornings. 

When someone you love dies, they always remain in your heart.  You can move through the grief process, but that sadness and loss will still be there at times. 

My friend felt better when she was able to talk about her memories.  She had some anger that she vented, and I listened without judging, and hugged her when she needed it. 

On New Year's Eve, the people I'm with will give me a hug and know I'm thinking about my father.  It's OK to feel loss and grief.  It's even more OK when you have someone who will listen to you.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Tai Chi, Yoga, Feng Shui and a Messy Room

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I cooked a big dinner, had friends over.  It was late when everyone left, I was happy but my firbromyalgia was raging through my body.  We cleaned up before we went to bed so the feng shui atmosphere here at home felt better.

This morning I was very sore, and started my tai chi and yoga because even though it starts out painful, I feel much better when I complete my final "om". 

I start with a few yoga poses to warm up, then do some qigong,  tai chi form, and end with several yoga poses.  I was glad I cleaned up the area I use last night because I need all the space for the tai chi, including the kicks.  But as I started the tai chi, I noticed a drawer that wasn't closed completely, and knew it would take just a small push to close it while my hand was going by it doing tai chi.  But I didn't want to break my form.  Then when I was bending,  I noticed a ball of lint on the floor and wanted to pick it up as part of the form, but didn't want to break the good qi movement I had going.  And both those things were difficult to get out of my head, and it probably affected the qi / spiritual / energy benefits of the tai chi.  Then I did some yoga, put the mat away, and forgot about the drawer and the lint. 

I have been doing tai chi for at least 20 years, and fall into the good energy qi state of mind as soon as I start the first movements.  I didn't realize how balancing it was until I started becoming so aware of the "things" that were out of order in my space, the feng shui of the space.  And it's been several years since I realized that, and still have trouble "detaching" from the out-of-order things like drawers and lint. 

Most of us live in a busy, noisy world.  My "space' opens to a screened outdoor room and I like to let nature in and open the door even on very cool days.  Then I hear cars, lawn mowers, barking dogs.  I can detach from sounds, but not the room feng shui.

Sometimes I wonder what I can add to my tai chi form after doing the same thing for 20 years.  And by being mindful, I always find something.  Now, it's about the feng shui.  Even though I think everything in the space is in order,  I don't notice that it's not until tai chi. 
So I have to detach, yet stay mindful. 

Dao Bagua Yin Yang Jadeite Pendant - Root of Feng Shui

Monday, November 14, 2016

How to Stop Hating Someone: If Trump or Clinton Win, I'm Leaving the Country

Our nation has been through many emotions during the presidential election this year.
Postings on Facebook, news interviews, political debates brought out strong feelings, with hate being one of the strongest.  And the emotional turmoil will continue, with some people vowing to leave the country since Donald Trumps election to the presidency.

Protests in communities started after the election results were announced.  Most of these protests are started by hate mongers, which haven't resolved the problems of hate.

When you feel hate of being surrounded by haters, or have the hate feeling inside yourself, if you are honest with yourself, you probably don't feel well, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I woke up at 3 AM when the election results were announced, and could feel so much conflicting feeling and energy in the world.  My distress was very strong the morning of November 9, 2016.  I had strong feeling inside myself about what was going to happen to all of us not only in USA but throughout the world with a Donald Trump as president.  And I meditated.  It occurred to me that Donald Trump has been relatively successful in his life and if his behavior was what we saw during the pre-election period, he would not have become as successful as he is now.  He's also an actor who had a television show.

Now we Americans have to accept him as president, whether or not we voted for him.  If we were against him, how could we feel good about having President Trump lead our country?

Then I watched the meeting Mr. Trump had with President Obama.  I first noticed both of their body languages.  I expected to see President Obama "just getting through it" because Trump made statements so much against him.  But Obama's body language was open, accepting, and he was very peaceful, assertive and not aggressive.  And so was Mr. Trump in body language and his speech.  Looking back, I think President Obama's behavior has had a tremendous impact on Mr. Trump starting out his presidency.  If Obama had been scolding and finger pointing, Trump would have been defensive and accusing.  During that time together, Obama did what was best for the nation.

But how did he let go of the hate he probably felt toward Trump who accused him of birthing issues, threatened to cancel Obamacare as soon as he was in office?  Obama has probably learned that nothing positive can be accomplished when you are full of hate.  So you have to find a way to stop hating.

Consider: Is it the person you hate or is it the behavior of the person that you hate?

If you pray, and you pray for the person you hate, it sends good blessings their way and those good blessings come back to you to soothe your hate and help you feel better.

If you are an energy practitioner, you may spend time each day doing distance healing and sending Love and Light, energy around to people, places, things. If you practice qigong or tai chi, you know that energy is real when you feel that ball of qi energy you move around during practice.  Reiki practitioners send distance healing to those who need it.

Try this:  Pose yourself in a meditation so you will be comfortable for at least 20 minutes.  Feel the energy inside yourself, and feel it flow freely through yourself.  Focus on the person whose behavior you hate.  Without judgment, send Energy to the person.  Feel the Energy surround the person.  Move the energy around the person to inside the person.  Feel the Light envelope the person.  Never judge, just let it "be".   Do this practice daily for awhile. You will probably feel better after doing it several days.  You are opening your own heart, letting go of hate, taking some of that Hate out of the world.

Hate doesn't help you or anyone.  Hating someone is hurting yourself.

Peace and Light to you who need it.

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