Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Chinese Jade Facial Masks for Health and Beauty

 Chinese jade facial masks have become very popular.   

Chinese jade facial mask for health and wellness

There is a lot of jade pieces in these jade masks.  The pieces are carved and polished, then tied together to make a mask that covers your eyes, forehead, from eyebrows to under the eyes.  The amount of jade makes the heavy enough to smooth your forehead, but comfortable to not hurt these tender areas.

I have several customers who purchased these to see if they would help their migraine headaches.  Almost everyone who bought for headaches, told me that the coolness, qi energy of the jade was very helpful to them.  

And people who work hard in warm, hot weather like them because they are cooling to the forehead, eyes and help them to relax and unwind after a long, hard hot, work session.  

People also use the jade masks when they have sinus problems.  

I have sold these to spas who like to use them on their customers.  Because they are natural jade, and well made, they can be well cleaned after each use.  

There is more information, photos and a video about jade face masks on our main web site Ying Yu Jade.

Jade facial masks made to Chinese medicine standards

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