Thursday, September 24, 2020

When Health Problems Change Your Life - Help Yourself Get Better Naturally with Chinese Medicine Tools

 Many of us have health problems that change our lives.  Some are caused by accidents: bones break, organs get damaged, nerves and brain injuries very dramatic changes.  And more.  Cardiac problems like heart attacks, bleeding, valvular changes.  Pregnancy may cause permanent damage to ovaries, uterus, and chemistry.  Stokes cause brain, nerve damage.  Aging can cause many problems, too: osteoporosis and falling and breaking bones; brain, heart, and all over the body changes.

Here in USA, most people rely on their physicians for help with body disease, changes, problems.  One of the first treatments is medicine.  If you watch advertisements about medicines, you probably are aware that there is as much information about dangers, side effects as there is about how it will help.  But when we experience these lifestyle changes, we are eager and anxious to get treatment.  We NEED it!

A patient who "needed" levothyroxine took it as directed.  The lab tests showed that it helped because the TSH and other thyroid lab results showed improvement.  But the patient felt horrible.  Although she is hyperthyroid, the levothyroxine made her feel and behave like she was hypothyroid.  She lost weight, had high anxiety, insomnia, rapid heart rate.  One day she felt like she was "going crazy" and stopped taking it.  She started feeling better, but something had happened:  she had a stroke she did not realize she had until she lost feeling and control of parts of her body, her limbs, and a leg and foot that was so severe she had to use a walker to get around.  When she had a brain MRI, it was discovered that she had a stroke, and the blood was clotting on her brain, causing the nerve problems.  The recommendations she got from her doctors made her very reluctant to try: more medicines.  

Some people believe that USA medical treatment and medicine today is "all about profits, money".  They really want the help, but terrified to take the medicines.  

Our next few posts will be about what traditional Chinese medicine practices can do to help people with health problems who want an alternative, who feel "intuitively" that there is also "something else" than can help.  It is probably best to try the Chinese medicine alternatives when you are doing  what your regular doctors recommend, then adding the alternative to see how it works for you before stopping what doctor recommends.  And you may feel better when you use the health tools.  If it does help, your doctor will notice, too.

Chinese medicine is about your "qi flow".  When your qi is blocked, it does not flow and this is what causes medical problems.  A Chinese medicine trained doctor will do a "pulse diagnosis" to determine what qi is blocked and needs to be repaired.  Acupuncture is used for this.  There are Chinese medicine tools that traditionally Chinese people kept in their "medicine cabinets" to use instead of taking drugs.  These will be discussed in next blog posts, so check back to learn more about what you can do to help heal without American medicine.

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