Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I Can't Wear My Jade Bangle Bracelet!

Yesterday I burned the inside of my wrist near my hand when I was removing a hot pan while grilling shrimp in the oven.  I immediately ran outside to my aloe vera plant and tore off a piece with a lot of juice in it and rubbed it on the burnt area.  It felt better, but in a few minutes it started feeling painful again.  I rubbed more on it.  I usually keep the piece I bring inside until I use all the gel in it to make sure I'm getting a good dose.  The burnt area stopped hurting, but it was turning brown and swelling.  When my jade bangle bracelet bumped it, it really hurt.  And it knocked off some of the healing scab. 

That meant I had to remove my jade bangle.  And as you know, I wear a jade bangle bracelet all the time.  It hurt pulling the bangle over the wrist,  I washed the bangle in cool water with a little soap to remove anything that got on it during this disgusting event.

All evening, I kept missing wearing my jade bangle bracelet.  My arm just didn't feel "right".  I not only missed the bangle, I missed the qi energy from it. It has good green veins, almost imperial green with qi energy related to the liver for health and wellness.  And some hues of lavender.  Also most of it is white color jadeite, with qi energy related to lungs for spirituality, compassion, dealing with grief and sad memories (a friend had sudden cardiac failure that affected his entire body, and had to have both his legs removed, and I am heartbroken over this).

This morning the burnt area was quite "ripe" and I couldn't comfortably wear my jade bangle.

But I do have a collection of jade bead bracelets.

8mm Burmese jadeite bead bracelet
The Burmese jadeite bead bracelet feels wonderful.  I can lightly feel it, I know it's there but it is so close to my wrist that it doesn't touch the burned area.  (No, I am not going to show you the ugly burn!)

Since it felt so lightweight, I added a second jade bead bracelet:

The two together felt even better.  When I started blogging about this, the second one kept hurting the burn, so I removed it and am wearing only one, for comfort, for the jade and qi energy.  

Sometimes customer ask me if they should also have a jade bead bracelet to "go" with their jade bangle.  If you are thinking about that, it's probably because your body is feeling the need for the qi energy from a "little extra jade".  There's a lot of reason to have one, two or more jade bead bracelet. You can use them as a "spacer" for occasions you want to wear two jade bangle bracelets on the same wrist.  You can wear them on the wrist that you don't wear your jade bangle on so you have jade on each wrist.  You can wear one if you hurt your wrist and the bangle hurts when you wear it.  And ov course if you love jade bead bracelets, you should certainly have one to wear.

My jade bead bracelet moves slightly and near the burn.  I believe the jade qi energy will help the burn heal faster and better.  

What a good excuse to have and wear a beautiful jade bead bracelet!

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