Saturday, September 16, 2017

Treating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain With CBD, Without Opiates, Prescription Drugs Part 2

A friend who lives near us has Parkinson's, with complications.  He has tried surgery, quite a few prescription drugs, that are somewhat helpful but don't alleviate the symptoms.  He was able to try cannabis, marijuana in edible form, that he got from an out of state friend, and after 20-30 minutes he was standing upright, not shaking.  He decided that it was worth trying to apply for medical marijuana in Florida.  There are only six doctors in our county and surrounding counties who are approved to prescribe medical marijuana.  After he provided the doctor with former health records to verify his diagnosis, and the doctor agreed medical marijuana would be helpful, he had to wait 90 days to get his first prescription.  There are also no medical marijuana pharmacies in our county and the surrounding county, and they learned Trulieve would deliver.  Payment in cash only.  And it helped him very much. You don't actually get "real marijuana", you get the CBD and THC parts in different formulas and methods for taking.  Vaping worked fastest and best because it works directly instead of having to be digested in capsule form.

July 1 the Office of Compassionate Medical Marijuna Use finally was legally forced to be more efficient, so July 1 I made an appointment with the doctor my friend used, was approved for it.  I needed to complete an application that includes a recent passport type photo, proof of who I am, and $75.  It was supposed to be approved in 15 days, but 7 weeks later I finally got my medical marijuana official card.

During the time I was waiting for approval, I wanted to try vaping because I had never done that.  I searched online for a legitimate CBD seller who had links to show the testing of and verification of CBD from hemp.  There are quite a few CBD sellers out there.  It's legal to buy and sell CBD from hemp because it supposedly doesn't have THC in it.

I learned about terpenes that mimic  profiles of cannabis strains specifically used to enhance sleep, focus, euphoria, calming, and pain relief and discovered CannaHemp online store. They sell CBD in various forms, including the vape pen I purchased for "Relief"

CannaHemp CBD vape pen "Relief"

It was so easy to use, and in a few minutes I truly did get relief.  I also ordered the "Calm" vape pen, also very helpful. In fact, it is such a helpful CBD product that even after getting my medical marijuana products, I use this.  In future blog posts, I will explain. 

There is a great deal of helpful information about terpenese and CBD on their web site. 
And CannaHemp is third party lab tested, so I felt safe about using it.

Having fibromyalgia has made me desperate to try many non-medicine treatments for it.  After two weeks of waiting and thinking I would never get my MM card approved, I tried one more CBD item, that will be the topic of the next blog post.

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