Friday, September 22, 2017

Medical Marijuana Cannabis for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

It took about two months from my appointment with one of the few doctors in central Florida authorized to prescribe medical marijuana.  The doctor applied to Compassionate Use to get my number and state that my condition was eligible for medical marijuana.  Then I had to complete an application online that included a recent passport type photo, driver's license, and $75.  I applied both online, and then submitted the form with my check when I mailed it by USPS priority mail so I could track it to make sure it got there.  It did in two days.  The time was supposed to be 2-3 weeks, I checked every day, no answer when I called, and two months later I was approved.

I was prescribed CBD, Indica, Sativa, and a hybrid for TSH, and chose the vape method.  Thanks to my purchases from I had been able to try vaping and found it a faster method to get results than oil or pill form.  My prescription is for CBD three times daily, Sativa in the morning, Indica at night and hybrid (combination of the Sativa and Indica) middle of the day.  It works very well.  They don't completely eliminate all pain, but most of it.  It makes me more relaxed not having pain, and I don't get as much done during the day, and I'm working on dosing because I need to do my online store and "brain work" daily.
The CBD actually works very well by itself, but the THC addition makes it work even better.

There are no medical marijuana dispensaries within 60 miles of where I live! I had to pay extra for delivery.  And all payments for medical marijuana are cash only.  Almost $300 for my present prescription.

Mornings used to be one of my two worst times of the day.  After taking my regular doses for a week, mornings are now the best part of the for me, body mind and spirit.  I'm working on dosage so I don't get affected by the THC and can do the tech work I need to do.  And drive.

I can enjoy my life more now. 

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