Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I Can't Wear My Jade Bangle Bracelet!

Yesterday I burned the inside of my wrist near my hand when I was removing a hot pan while grilling shrimp in the oven.  I immediately ran outside to my aloe vera plant and tore off a piece with a lot of juice in it and rubbed it on the burnt area.  It felt better, but in a few minutes it started feeling painful again.  I rubbed more on it.  I usually keep the piece I bring inside until I use all the gel in it to make sure I'm getting a good dose.  The burnt area stopped hurting, but it was turning brown and swelling.  When my jade bangle bracelet bumped it, it really hurt.  And it knocked off some of the healing scab. 

That meant I had to remove my jade bangle.  And as you know, I wear a jade bangle bracelet all the time.  It hurt pulling the bangle over the wrist,  I washed the bangle in cool water with a little soap to remove anything that got on it during this disgusting event.

All evening, I kept missing wearing my jade bangle bracelet.  My arm just didn't feel "right".  I not only missed the bangle, I missed the qi energy from it. It has good green veins, almost imperial green with qi energy related to the liver for health and wellness.  And some hues of lavender.  Also most of it is white color jadeite, with qi energy related to lungs for spirituality, compassion, dealing with grief and sad memories (a friend had sudden cardiac failure that affected his entire body, and had to have both his legs removed, and I am heartbroken over this).

This morning the burnt area was quite "ripe" and I couldn't comfortably wear my jade bangle.

But I do have a collection of jade bead bracelets.

8mm Burmese jadeite bead bracelet
The Burmese jadeite bead bracelet feels wonderful.  I can lightly feel it, I know it's there but it is so close to my wrist that it doesn't touch the burned area.  (No, I am not going to show you the ugly burn!)

Since it felt so lightweight, I added a second jade bead bracelet:

The two together felt even better.  When I started blogging about this, the second one kept hurting the burn, so I removed it and am wearing only one, for comfort, for the jade and qi energy.  

Sometimes customer ask me if they should also have a jade bead bracelet to "go" with their jade bangle.  If you are thinking about that, it's probably because your body is feeling the need for the qi energy from a "little extra jade".  There's a lot of reason to have one, two or more jade bead bracelet. You can use them as a "spacer" for occasions you want to wear two jade bangle bracelets on the same wrist.  You can wear them on the wrist that you don't wear your jade bangle on so you have jade on each wrist.  You can wear one if you hurt your wrist and the bangle hurts when you wear it.  And ov course if you love jade bead bracelets, you should certainly have one to wear.

My jade bead bracelet moves slightly and near the burn.  I believe the jade qi energy will help the burn heal faster and better.  

What a good excuse to have and wear a beautiful jade bead bracelet!

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Rose Quartz Face and Eye Masks, Rollers and Eggs. What is Rose Quartz Good For?

Rose quartz is becoming more popular and people want to experience it.  Rose quartz costs more than jade, but we purchased a few pieces to try them ourselves, and offer them to you a reasonable price.  

Set of Rose Quartz Facial and Eye Mask, roller, and egg

Rose quartz facial masks are helpful for facial health and wellness. 

Rose quartz facial and eye mask

 The rollers can be used on face and body.  

Rose quartz facial and body roller

The rose quartz egg is often held during meditation, dealing with stress, as well as a "yoni" kegel exercise product.  

Rose quartz egg for meditation, women's health

Rose quartz is related to the Water element, and the Heart Chakra. The energy is related to Love, Gentleness, Emotional Healing, Stress and Spirituality, Unity with the Divine, according to culture and alternative health (reference "Book of Stones").

The quartz is genuine and natural. The quartz is stored in a cool space, avoiding too much heat, cold, and light shining on it.

Rose quartz is not only beautiful, it makes you feel very good!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ying Yu Jade "Yoni" Eggs to Help Vaginal Atrophy - Naturally!

Vaginal atrophy can not only be painful, but also may lead to more serious medical problems.

Vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis) is thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to your body having less estrogen. Vaginal atrophy occurs most often after menopause. For many women, vaginal atrophy not only makes intercourse painful, but also leads to distressing urinary symptoms.

The good news is that vaginal atrophy can be reversed.  Big Pharma options include topical and oral estrogen.  Of course, there are side effects.  And using estrogen cream vaginally can be messy.

So how can you help treat vaginal atrophy naturally?  Ying Yu Jade eggs.

Ying Yu Jade genuine and natural jade eggs and ben wa balls to help vaginal atrophy

I traveled to China to meet with a Chinese medicine doctor to "get through" menopause.  My hot flashes were so intense, I felt like I would burn through the earth.  When I went to China with my Chinese qigong teacher who lived in Beijing to learn the basics of Chinese medicine, the doctor told me he could help me get through menopause in a few weeks.

And it worked.  The Chinese medicine doctor did a very intense acupuncture points diagnosis, that took about 30 minutes.  Then he wrote a prescription for me of Chinese medicine herbs that were unique to my physical condition.  I took it to the pharmacy, and they prepared the boiled herbs, packaged it in small bags that I would ingest one each day.  Within 10 days I was feeling much better.  I refilled the medicine before I left China.  In 7 weeks, I no longer had those awful menopause symptoms.   I was so impressed with the treatment, I went back to the doctor a year later for treatment for my fibromyalgia.   That's when I learned about jade being used for centuries as part of Chinese medicine.  My lack of estrogen was causing vaginal discomfort, and the doctor was amazed that I did not know about using jade eggs and/or ben wa balls, as Chinese and Asian women have used for centuries.

I did kegel excersise and noticed improvement.  More moist and intercourse much easier and enjoyable. 

I wanted to sell these in the USA because we had not heard about this wonderful, natural treatment for vaginal atrophy.  The doctor took me to a jade carver in northeast China, 16 hour train ride from Beijing.  He told the jade carver I wanted to buy natural, well made jade eggs to sell in USA, and he made me a good supply. 

Ying Yu Jade was the first web site to sell these jade eggs and ben wa balls here in the USA.   We still sell only genuine and natural Chinese jade eggs, "yoni" eggs and ben wa balls.  There is a video on Ying Yu Jade web site about using jade eggs.   And when you purchase a set, you receive a page of basic kegel instructions.  And since I appreciate and advocate for women's wellness, they are priced reasonably.  You get the best quality classic Chinese jade that has good qi healing energy.

I use these myself, and know that they work well to strengthen the vaginal muscles and increase moisture.  If you to have vaginal atrophy, start with the smallest eggs, then when that is comfortable in your vagina, move up to the medium size.  When you can comfortably use the large jade egg, you will be able to enjoy intercourse again. 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Balance Yourself: The Yin and Yang of Life with Music, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

My astrological sign is Gemini.  And I have lived my life as a Gemini, almost like being two of me inside one body.  One of my characteristics is that I am always quite busy, and that's a reason I blog on JadeBlogger, but rarely on this blog.  Busy, busy, busy, but always take time in the morning for yoga, taiji, qigong and meditation.

I prefer natural therapies to big pharma medicines.  With chronic pain from fibromyalgia, restless leg, getting up in the morning is painful and difficult.  I often wonder how I will get through the morning doing what I want to do, let alone how to get through the entire day.  I have found that my "placebo" of using cognitive behavior therapy for pain and depression works much better and faster than drugs.  In the mornings when I'm getting ready for the day, I play my Pandora radio "Queen" station because it has the right kind of music for me to sing along, and dance along with to loosen up.  When the smile is on my face, I know I am ready to face the day. My "theme song" is Stealer's Wheels "Stuck in the Middle with You".  The smile stays on my face and inside of me when I know there are "clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right" and I am content with being "stuck in the middle" with my loved one.

That's the "yang" part of what I need.

The "yin" part is the Pandora radio station Yoga or Meditation.  "Gratitude and Joy" is what I need and I get it listening to one or more of the parts.

In the early evening, as the sun sets, I go outdoors and walk 1-2 miles.  That is my cognitive behavioral "mood lifter".  The sky, trees, lake are so awesome and beautiful, my spirits are lifted and again, the smile is external and internal. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy is how you can re-think a situation, and use your brain to determine what you need to improve your life.  Like a placebo that has no real medicinal value, but you feel better after taking it, using your "brain placebo" can help you to feel better, body mind and spirit.

Jade as my business gives me access to all the yin and yang and good qi energy by working with, touching, holding jade.   Chinese medicine often uses Chinese "river jade" as a health tool to help balance your qi energy.   The "river jade" has colors that form naturally from water where the jade was formed.  And it relates to the colors of the five meridians of you that need to be balanced and have your qi flowing smoothly.  I choose the jade bangle bracelet that has the qi energy I need most. 

How do you find the best jade for you?  When you browse the jade photos, the ones that appeal to you most, perhaps even make you drool a little while you look at it are the ones that are "medicine" for you.

"Yin and Yang" light and dark color Chinese "river jade" is medicine you wear on your wristGreen for overall health and wellness, and veins of "hong" yellow/red for heart, spleen meridians

And who wouldn't prefer to wear "medicine on your wrist" rather than take a drug with side effects.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Dogs for Health and Happiness

I have never owned a dog, but I love dogs.  When I am on my sunset mindful walk, if I pass someone with a dog, the dog always tries to get close to me.  If the the dog owner lets me play with it for awhile, I sure do feel happy.

Dogs improve health and happiness in people because when we play with them, or they come up to us when we need a little love in our lives, the enjoyment raises our serotonin levels.  And serotonin helps with depression, body illness and pain because low serotonin levels are what cause some of these problems. 

That's a reason why there are service dogs, dogs that people keep with them for their health and wellness.  Dogs can make your life more happy.

Dogs can improve serotonin levels to make your feel more happy and healthy

And 2018 is the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dog.

Because I can't own a dog, I play with my jade Dog pendant, and touching it, feeling the carving, makes me feel happier, better. 

Jade Dog

Some people may be allergic to dogs, or dogs are not allowed to live in certain areas, or just don't like dogs.  If that's you, find something that does make you happy, and spend time with that happiness every day.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

When is the Best Time and Place to do Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong?

I don't go to "formal" tai chi, yoga classes.  My tai chi and yoga, qigong, are part of my life.  While not in my routine, I intuitively choose the best time in the morning for practice.  If I have too many tasks to do that my mind will be on them and not when I'm playing tai chi, usually do the tasks first.  But sometimes during the tasks, I feel very ready to practice.

Today I took a "me" morning and went shopping for household and Easter things.  I was out for about three hours, almost noon when I got home.  I wanted to put away my purchases and replace some of my old kitchen accessories with the new ones I bought, so I turned my iPod touch on to my Pandora channel.  I made a Yoga Station and usually when I connect, the music that's being played is just right for what I'm doing.  So I turned on Pandora, and the first one that came up was "Islands of Dusk" by Midori on the Bali album.  My "dream" is when I am at the end of my life, I want to go to Bali, to a monastery on the beach, and "sit" until I pass from this world to the next, so "Islands of Dusk" is very emotional for me.  And I saw on the news yesterday that the ocean is becoming extremely polluted with plastic trash and Bali beach has been so affected that the beautiful water is declining.  I stopped what I was doing because my body mind and spirit moved me to tai chi. 

And although I also did my yoga practice, during the day I will often be moved to do some yoga poses, and some qigong.  That's why I don't care for classes.  It's so much a part of my life, like drinking water when thirsty, eating when hungry, scratching when there's an itch.

After I got done with my morning practices, and I went back to doing my unpacking and putting away from my shopping trip, I noticed my jade bangle bracelet was looking more beautiful.   The green veins were more dominant as was the translucence.  It had an overall "glow" and felt so good. 

Old mine genuine natural Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet mined and carved last century

And by the way, when your jade looks more beautiful as you wear it, you know it was made for you.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Dantien: Your "Center of Life" and How Mindfulness of Dantien Helps You

This morning when I was doing my daily taiji (tai chi) form, I was having trouble with my balance.  I had a lot on my mind, and my mind was not on my dantien.

 Dantien means "elixer field" in Chinese,  or "energy field".  When I did taiji and qigong with a group and our Chinese master, he always emphasized moving your energy into the dantien when finishing a form, and to picture your dantien as "there is a fire in Dantien", keeping that fire going.

And when you do taiji or qigong, keep your dantien forward.  Follow your dantien.

I wasn't paying attention to my dantien this morning, and not leading with dantien, and that's why I couldn't keep balanced.

I live in a gated community, and the windows that overlook the street are usually busy during the day with people walking, running, taking dog for a walk.  I notice so many people, especially older senior citizen age people walking with their head down, their shoulders hunched, not straight and tall.  I know how easy it is to not have good posture.  I walk daily, depending on the weather, and  make it a point to stand tall, like I am suspended on a string from the Heavens.  That posture puts the dantien forward.  And that's the best posture.

I see advertisements for taiji classes, and some of the classes designed for senior citizens. I also see taiji classes for veterans to treat physical and emotional problems rather than over-medicating. If you take a taiji class, you know you have a good instructor if they highlight the importance of dantien and putting your dantien forward when you move.  When I do taiji with mindfulness of my dantien, I have good balance, even when I scooping up qi like "snake creeps down", kicking, spreading wings.  I have osteoporosis and refuse to take the osteoporosis drugs, but I do physical work to compensate, and keeping balance is important for building strength.

A good taiji instructor will tell you when your posture is not right for the moves, and it usually involves keeping dantien forward.  If you are learning and doing taiji on your own, keep dantien forward and you will have a good taiji experience.

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