Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ying Yu Jade Eggs and Ben Wa Balls Kegel Exercise for Women

For years women who had symptoms of "gotta go", wore diaper panties, lost vaginal tightness after childbirth, or experienced vaginal dryness after menopause, went to their doctor and took medications and/or had surgeries to correct the problem.

Now, more women are turning to kegel exercise as a natural alternative to surgery and medicine.

Ying Yu Jade introduced jade ben wa balls and eggs for kegel exercise 10 years ago, and women are finding improved kegel functioning as well as overall better health by using the healing energy of jade along with kegel exercise.

Jade eggs and ben wa balls have been used for centuries in China, Japan and Asia.  I personally started using them for urinary control and dryness problems.  They worked so good for me, I went to see my jade carver in China to show him the kind of jade I expected, and the quality western women expect, especially using them in such a personal area.  He and my Chinese doctor friend from Beijing bought the best genuine pure and natural Chinese jade directly from the jade mine and worked together to make the jade eggs the size and quality we women appreciate.

The problem with some of the other gemstone that people are selling as eggs for women is that the stone would be very expensive if it were natural, like quartz and crystal.  This desire for quartz and crystal eggs has caused a dangerous experience for women because to get the quartz and crystal clear, colorful and pretty, they have to bleach it in acid to remove the imperfections, then use heat and/or polymer to add the color.  And that acid stays in the stone, and then gets into the body, which can cause serious problems for women who use it.

Ying Yu Jade uses only genuine and natural Chinese jade.  Sometimes customers ask for certificates for this kind of jade, but it's not common practice to have certificates for Chinese jade.  I've seen jade sellers with piles of fake certificates for Chinese jade, and jadeite, and I would be very suspicious of buying Chinese jade eggs or ben wa balls that include "certificates".  True certificates are costly.

There are also videos and instructions about how to use the eggs and perform kegel exercise.  There's a right way, and and ineffective way that can lead to other problems.  If you purchase Ying Yu Jade eggs or ben wa balls, there's the correct method from urinary specialists included.

Ying Yu Jade is having a Women's Wellness Sale on jade eggs and ben wa balls now.  For a limited time, a cute "purse" is included with the purchase to store your jade eggs.

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