Sunday, April 10, 2016

Treatment for Addictions in Lodi Ohio

The first Calm Spirit web site was launched in 1998 and was an online counseling site.  Then I added information about Qi Healing, Reiki, Chinese herbs and tea.  My first trip to China was 1999, and that's when I discovered jade and the qi energy used for Chinese medicine, and added jade to the site.  The site because too "crowded", and I started the Ying Yu Jade website in 2002.  A Chinese medicine doctor suggested the name.

When I moved to Florida in 2004 and no longer had my Ohio counselor license, I removed the online counseling.  Then the entire Calm Spirit web site, didn't change much, it was mostly informational, and although I kept renewing the domain name, I stopped doing updating on Calm Spirit.

Then about three years ago, I was wondering why YYJ was getting referrals from Calm Spirit pages, and realized the pages were still being found in search engines, so I put the site in a new mobile friendly format.  That's when I started getting requests from drug, alcohol and addiction services to list their web sites.  I made a Resources page.

When I worked as a counselor in Ohio, I developed drug and alcohol programs for school districts, and eventually worked in a district for a few years doing drug and alcohol education and counseling before I moved on to more general counseling and therapy.  So I've always had the interest in addictions.  The reality is that the root of many problems people go to counseling for is related to drug and alcohol use and abuse.  And I knew how to learn that from my clients. 

In the rural area I lived and worked in Ohio, there was AA and Alanon, but no other treatment centers.  One of my Facebook friends is the chemical dependency educator and counselor at the school I worked for, so I keep up with what's going on with drugs through her postings. Yesterday she posted that a drug treatment center opened in Lodi, Ohio which is in the school district I worked, and she still works.  The two people who started it are using their own funds to get the program going, because people really need it. 

A New Day, outpatient drug treatment center will treat patients battling addiction through assessments and therapy.  If you live in Medina county, or Wayne county in Ohio, it's a very useful and helpful resource for you.. It's located in the former Lodi Medical Building at 402 Highland Drive in Lodi.

If you need this service for yourself, or someone's use is affecting you, and live in the area, this is the center to go to for help.

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