Friday, November 25, 2016

Tai Chi, Yoga, Feng Shui and a Messy Room

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I cooked a big dinner, had friends over.  It was late when everyone left, I was happy but my firbromyalgia was raging through my body.  We cleaned up before we went to bed so the feng shui atmosphere here at home felt better.

This morning I was very sore, and started my tai chi and yoga because even though it starts out painful, I feel much better when I complete my final "om". 

I start with a few yoga poses to warm up, then do some qigong,  tai chi form, and end with several yoga poses.  I was glad I cleaned up the area I use last night because I need all the space for the tai chi, including the kicks.  But as I started the tai chi, I noticed a drawer that wasn't closed completely, and knew it would take just a small push to close it while my hand was going by it doing tai chi.  But I didn't want to break my form.  Then when I was bending,  I noticed a ball of lint on the floor and wanted to pick it up as part of the form, but didn't want to break the good qi movement I had going.  And both those things were difficult to get out of my head, and it probably affected the qi / spiritual / energy benefits of the tai chi.  Then I did some yoga, put the mat away, and forgot about the drawer and the lint. 

I have been doing tai chi for at least 20 years, and fall into the good energy qi state of mind as soon as I start the first movements.  I didn't realize how balancing it was until I started becoming so aware of the "things" that were out of order in my space, the feng shui of the space.  And it's been several years since I realized that, and still have trouble "detaching" from the out-of-order things like drawers and lint. 

Most of us live in a busy, noisy world.  My "space' opens to a screened outdoor room and I like to let nature in and open the door even on very cool days.  Then I hear cars, lawn mowers, barking dogs.  I can detach from sounds, but not the room feng shui.

Sometimes I wonder what I can add to my tai chi form after doing the same thing for 20 years.  And by being mindful, I always find something.  Now, it's about the feng shui.  Even though I think everything in the space is in order,  I don't notice that it's not until tai chi. 
So I have to detach, yet stay mindful. 

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